A New Shift

In the last decade a new breed of technology corporations around the world have appeared all working behind the scenes in preparing the world to accept now forms of technology which were not possible a few decades ago.

Its not normal to see a link between technology and the human soul yet the evidence is mounting that beneath the exterior message that technology is here to make things easier for us, there is something more potent at work.

Something that is seeking to capture the human soul in ways not thought possible. Find out more.

A Fairy Tale Nightmare You Might Remember

Are you familiar with the old folk tale of the Pied Paper of Hamelin? The Pied Piper came to the town of Hamelin which had been suffering with a rat infestation, and by playing his flute he was able to lure the rats into the local river where all but one died. Because one was left the leaders of the town decided not to pay him what we was owed as part of the bargain. 

Later on in the story the Pied Piper returns to the town and in playing his flute 130 children follow him out of the town in a trance like state and into a distant cave where they were never seen again by the town. All except for a boy who who had a physical walking disability and so because he couldn't keep up with the children, by the time he got to the cave they and the pied piper had gone and the the stone door to the cave was completely sealed.

The script ends in a way that leaves you to all kinds of imagination. On one hand the children could have entered a blissful paradise, on the other hand they could have had a fateful ending. Nobody knows.

The Faceless Companies Behind The Social Media Network

The interesting thing about the Pied Piper of Hamelin is that the story is symbolic of the 21st century. Billions of people across this planet are being lured away unsuspectingly, not knowing that the sweet lullabies they hear are nothing more than deceitful strategies that serve an unsuspected purpose. In this case the pied piper is not 1 individual but a number of technology corporations all working behind the scenes in preparing the paradise from hell, for the earths 8 billion inhabitants.

It would take reams of pages to go through the profiles of every one of these companies but some of them you will have heard of such as the Defense Research Projects Agency (DARPA, an agency of the U.S. Department of Defense responsible for the development of emerging technologies for use by the military.

However it is not just DARPA that we need to focus on, there are others you may not have heard of such as Deepmind technologies, Dark Blue Labs, Vision Factory, Schaft Inc and In-Q-Tel (IQT). In fact did you know that IQT is a company established by the CIA in 1999, specializing in data mining techniques.

When you study these companies you then see strange patterns emerging in regards to the people who are on their executive boards. For instance James Breyer who manages a company called Accel Partners which sowed $12.7 million into Facebook, also previously sat on the board for In-Q-Tel. Then there is Dr Anita Jones who not only previously served on the board for IQT, but was also a director at DARPA. It seems as if these companies are revolving doors where the same board members pop up in one company then disappear only to resurface in another company with a strong strategical link to the previous.

Another company you may not have heard of is Visible Technologies which is a world leader in social media monitoring and analytics. With offices in Seattle, London and New York the company ranks as one of the inc. 500 fastest growing private companies and specializes in taking social media information to build social and personality profiles for corporate clients....But guess who is an investment fund for this organization....IQT.

I could go on and list another dozen but I trust you are starting to see the picture here

The Smoking Gun!

You might be wondering what does this have to do with anything? Who cares whether the companies that fund the likes of Google, Facebook and Linkedin are subsidiaries of intelligence agencies. Well lets look at the following case and let me know whether you feel we can simply shrug our shoulders and say "who cares" about what is going on behind closed doors.

The Information Awareness Office (IAO) is a branch of DARPA which was created in January 2002 with the mission to gather as much information about everyone in the United States. This included internet activity, credit card purchases, airline ticket purchases, car rentals, medical records, educational transcripts, utility bills, tax returns, drivers licenses etc. Not surprisingly the backlash from civil liberty groups led to a congressional investigation which saw the IAO lose its funding by congress in 2003.

However, Edward Snowden in his leaked NSA files, revealed that several IAO projects continued to be funded but under different names long after 2003.

What is of interest to us is that the original corporate logo for the IAO, designed by DARPA, was the image you see below.

Can you actually believe it? The logo as you can see featured the all seeing masonic eye from the Great Seal of the United States gazing at the earth and the latin motto "scientia est poentia", meaning "Knowledge is Power". For what purpose would a government agency be using a logo that features the all seeing eye of Lucifer linked to the slogan "Knowledge is Power".

In December 2002 after increasing publicity about the logo, the pyramid logo was removed without consent from the official IAO home page along with the biographies of executives behind the company. No official explanation was ever given about why the the sudden removal of these items.

21st Century Pied Pipers - All That Glitters Isn't Gold!

The reason that this subject is of great importance is because it concerns your identity. When a privately funded corporation or government agency is able to tell you what you had for breakfast this morning or has the ability to know where you are at any given time during the day it destroys the very concept of personal privacy and it also destroys the concept of security because we all know how reckless these companies can be when it comes to our data and how data can be abused and manipulated.

We are told that the wonderful innovations and developments of these companies is for the greater good of mankind to help protect us and ensure the stability of society. That losses of freedoms are for the overall benefit of society, in a world where we are constantly threatened by hostile enemies. There is a justifiable case for this view but then seeing the Masonic eye of Lucifer on the actual corporate logo of the subsidiary of an organization, that is supposed to be protecting us totally changes the game and reveals the hand.

In 21st Century Pied Pipers we reveal the truth behind companies that have little disregard for me or you. Instead their technological progression is fuelled by a spirit. Building the apparatus of the Antichrist is the prime objective yet it has been camouflaged under the justification of protecting national interests, when many believe this was all brought about by false flag operations.

These 12 hours of online audio documentaries are powerful revelations of what is going on our world today.

DARPA AND THEIR MINIONS: Revelation 13 and Daniel 7 make profound statements about the end times. In both instances the prophets John and Daniel make indisputable assertions that the final antichrist one world government will have control over all tongues, tribes and nations. This is interesting. If you study world history you will see that ancient world empires never had 100% complete control of the earth. For instance the Roman Empire never went beyond Europe, Africa and the Middle East although it was the dominant world power of its day. Yet we are living in an age where the new world order that is emerging will have utter and complete control. The Matrix will be global. No terrorist, no money launderer and no criminal ring will be able to escape which on the surface is a great step forward for the security of society.

However it also means that the matrix will have greater knowledge of other movements that they consider to be contrary to its world view. This includes conservative Christian groups, truth movements, pro liberty groups and Christian militia patriots. Such groups will be more readily visible on the matrix radar. The documentary DARPA and their Minions explores the frightening truth behind the companies who are building the network of the Antichrist; an infrastructure so vast and complex that to choose living outside it will mean death. This breathing living embryonic artificial intelligence based network is being fat fed with data from social networking sites and credit referencing agencies to create a global monstrosity that will turn on the very people that unknowingly gave it their data. DARPA and their Minions is a terrifying insight that will change the way you interact with the internet.

GOOGLE WORLD ORDER: Back in simpler times, people turned to God and religion to answer their questions. Whether it was spiritual advisement, or personal direction or the bigger philosophical questions of “what does it all mean”; the churches and their leaders had the answers. Today many people turn to Google. In fact, in the US, 80% of internet searches are through Google and 98% of all mobile device searches is through Google. Government agencies around the world now use Google Earth to track people and their locations. Did you know that your house is in Google's database? Go to the Google search engine and simply type your whole address, and the very first search result will bring up a real photograph of your house!

From its humble beginnings in the mid 1990s as one of many search engines seeking to gain competitive advantage, it soon became clear that Google was accelerating far beyond the likes of Lycos, Alta Vista, Excite or any of those other search engines which were its equal during the early years of the internet. Since then the power of Google has expanded rapidly. Did you know that since 2010, Google has been acquiring, on average, more than one company per week?  But what about some of these Google subsidiaries, such as Record Futures, Motorola Mobility, Vision Factory, Dark Blue Labs, Jetpac, Quest Visual, Deep Mind Technologies, Schaft Inc, DNN Research Inc, etc. What is Google seeking to achieve? You will be in for a mighty wake up call after listening to 5 hours of insight which includes an interview with its CEO about the company's future direction.

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We will also today provide you access to 2 very special bonuses that were put together by our creative team. These 8 hours of additional audio disclosures cover surveillance technologies, planetary defence weapons and the spiritual grid which invoke new age phenomena such as spiritual visitations, astral projection, sleep paralysis, electronic voice phenomena and all of the things which correspond to the manifestation of seducing spirits through these 3 categories of surveillance. Eye opening insights that will cause you to fast and pray.

They also cover the spiritual agenda behind technology development and why what many of these newly formed technology companies are doing is on par with what is known as alchemy, a magical process of transformation. Mind blowing stuff and disclosures you will get access to today along with your main order.

WARNING: Make sure you request this package today, but remember some of the content in these documentaries are of a sensitive nature and may not be suitable for all audiences so please be careful with whom you share this with.

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